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Elpis Production is passionate about helping people better communicate using the latest in audio, video and lighting solutions. We strive for excellence in every design and integration project. To ensure a quality experience for our clients, we utilize several processes to ensure their needs are both understood and met at all stages of a project.
Our team has worked with leaders, technicians, musicians, worshippers, and more for several decades.

Our relationship with our clients doesn't end after a project is finished. We will be available for any future support and maintenance needs that may arise in the years to come.



About the Founder

Bachelor (B.F.A) and Master (M.F.A) degree from Brooklyn College
Highly skilled with audio/visual/lighting design


Hwasoo Son is an internationally acclaimed creative designer, audio/lighting specialist and consultant, whose contributions to the theatrical, musical, and entertainment industries have been enjoyed by millions of viewers world-wide. His works have been recognized by industry experts and leaders on many occasions throughout his career.



"He has demonstrated his talent and extraordinary ability in all of his work. He is deeply creative with good sensibility, and a talented designer."
-John Scheffler, a union member and Professor Emeritus for Brooklyn College-
"Mr. Son displayed a high degree of knowledge and ability in audio, theatrical lighting and production coordination, and showed a professional competence that was well above average."
-Perry Silvey, Director of Production of New York City Ballet-
"Masterful theater system designs in audio, video, and lighting; his grasp of all related technologies is comprehensive which he combines with extraordinary sensitive artistic imagination."
-Tom Bullard, Artistic Director and Head of Graduate Direction and Professor in the department of theater at Brooklyn College-
"Hwasoo Son has been an outstanding and extraordinary designer with superior capabilities in the industry."
"Hwasoo Son is a highly qualified and exceptionally gifted creative designer who has unique, in-depth knowledge of production and presentation of various shows and artistic projects, etc. and who has substantial experience in the musical / visuals arts and possesses critical skills that are not of a general nature and cannot be performed by others in the US." 




     Experience & Publication

"His technical abilities are outstanding, and he is able to “think on his feet”, making adjustments as needed while still maintaining the integrity of his design.”
-Richard Kearney, an Associate Professor of Set and Lighting Design at Brooklyn College-

Hwasoo Son’s design works and productions are featured by such major national and international publications as,

The New York Times (Dec. 25. 2005) and (May. 30. 2007)
CBS News (May. 25.28. 2004)
Play bill (May. 24. 2004 )
Financial Times ( Aug. 10. 2006 )
The New York Sun ( Aug. 10. 2006 )
Love ExPress Magazine (April. 2007 )
Family TodayMagazine ( September, October. 2007 )
Travellady Magazine ( Jan. 05. 2005 )
The Korea Times (Sep. 03. 1997, Sep. 13. 2006, Jun. 12. 2007)
The Korea Daily,  SeoulNews Magazine ( Sep. 11. 1997 )
TheNew York ilbo ( Dec. 29. 2005 )
The Christian Herald ( Nov. 08. 2007 )
Kiddok News (  Nov. 07. 2006 )
Chosun Ilbo ( Mar. 15. 2002 )
KBS Global ( Aug. 09. 2006 )
Jukeon ( Jun. 06. 2007 )
Momm Monthly Dance Magazine ( April. 2005 ) and among many others.