Residential Integration

Home is the nicest word there is.
— Laura Ingalls Wilder

Home Theater

Home Theater

We've expanded our audio, lighting, video services to the living space. 

We offer professional home theater/audio design. Our experts have substantial knowledge of Hi-Fi audio, video solutions, and lighting. More than that, we make sure we deliver what you need within your budget. 


Smart home is the future of home living. It learns your daily life patterns and adapts to you. Your audio, video, lighting, security, air conditioning, clouding, water system; all in the palm of your hands to control and access from anywhere.
We design the system based on your preferences and where you want to utilize this technology. We'll walk you through the process and also install it for you with a professional finish.
Network connection is a requirement for smart home. Our network experts will go to your home to see if it meets all the pre-requisites for installation.